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Terms & Conditions


By submitting this order, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Bump custom shoes and Converse are made to order, there are absolutely no returns or exchanges.  All sales are final, sizes and additional details for custom shoes should be checked prior to ordering.  We will offer returns or exchanges on blank, unprinted shoes with return shipping at the buyers expense.  If returned goods have obvious signs of wear we will return the item with no refund or exchange.
  • Supplying low quality images may affect the printing quality of the shoes as will scaling down highly detailed images. If purchasing a custom print shoe we recommend using images at least 600px X 600px in size with a file size no larger than 10MB.
  • We do our best to make your design as close to the mockup as possible, however due to the nature of the printing process, there will be variances from custom design illustrations and mockup images.  Illustrations are a guide only.  Prints to white canvas are cured with heat to lock the colour in, this may result in a slight fade to the ink but the image will be permanently set to the canvas. As printing occurs on a horizontal plain, the back strip cannot be printed on and there may be fading on the rounded part of the heel with minor warping particularly with horizontal lines.
  • We are printing on a post-manufactured product, there are differences between each pair of shoes. Our printing templates include a bleed for this purpose, which can result in minor discrepancies with layout and placement. There may also be slight inking discrepancies and minor ink blemishes as well as minor discrepancies with the shoe itself.  There can be small amounts of excess glue used in the shoe production and eyelet placements may vary.  
  • Please note that black will not show up on a black shoe, as white will not show up on a white shoe.  Also very dark colours will be hard to see against a black shoe as very light colours will be hard to see against a white shoe.
    • If entering a name in the text box on pre-designed customs it will be printed horizontally in a suitable space on the shoe in black or an appropriate colour.  Our range of fonts is limited, we cannot recreate fonts used in images.  We try not to let the text interfere too much with the design.
    • We print in CMYK, whereas the mockups are provided in RGB for viewing online. In addition, display settings can vary from device to device. This can result in slight differences between the colour saturation and hue. Due to differences between RGB and CMYK colour reproduction there will be variances between the image and the actual product.  Fluro colours can not be replicated in CMYK colour, as well as many other shades or hues.  The nearest available colour is substituted for print.
    • You own the rights, or have the permission to use, all the images you provide to Bump Shoes.
    • Typical despatch time is between 3-10 business days. We are sometimes able to put through rush orders for special events. If you require your custom shoes quickly, please contact us and we will let you know when we can have your order ready by, extra fees may apply.
    • If you are ordering from outside Australia, there is a possibility of import charges, customs, duty and/or taxes you may have to pay upon delivery of the goods. We strongly encourage all overseas customers to look into any of these implications prior to ordering from abroad. Bump Shoes cannot be held responsible for delays in shipments or return of packages due to the failure of a customer to follow up with their local Customs departments. We will not refund any orders of Custom Shoes that are returned to sender.  If we receive return parcels for reasons of the supplied address details being incorrect or uncollected mail your parcel is forfeit after 7days.  If you contact us within that time we may be able to reship at your cost.
    • Gift Cards purchased after November 2019 expire 3 years from the date of purchase.  There are no refunds on unused gift cards.
    • Bump Shoes retains rights of final custom shoe designs to use for promotional purposes. We will not duplicate your design without your explicit consent.